Jersey Post announces postal tariff increases

Channel Island postal operator Jersey Post is to raise its postal rates next month.

From 21 April, there will be a penny increase for local letters (47p to 48p)  and a three pence increase on the price of sending letters weighing no more than 100g to the UK (57p to 60p).

There will be 2p and 3p added to the first weight step for European and International letters respectively (64p to 66p and 75p to 78p).

The postal operator said that the price increase reflected three key pressures – the impact of significant cost increases from Royal Mail that is a “key network partner” for Jersey Post; a “dramatic increase” in the cost of airmail recently following the removal of newspapers from the aircraft headed to the Channel Islands, and the “continuing financial impact of falling letter volumes”, coupled with an increasing number of households to which Jersey Post must deliver.

Tim Brown, Jersey Post’s Chief Executive, said: “Our customers have highlighted that keeping the cost of the postal service low is a real priority. As an organisation we are facing the most difficult year yet in terms of external costs so we have tried to ensure that any price changes in 2016 are reflected in those services where some of the additional costs are being directly incurred.”

In microcosm Jersey Post is facing similar pressures as its opposite numbers in larger countries around the world are facing, with the added pressure of being small enough that it cannot influence the bigger picture as can perhaps Royal Mail. As such the postal operator is buffeted by global trends and is more susceptible to the winds of change than larger postal operators in Britain and Europe.