JLT introduces new rugged computer

Swedish computer hardware company JLT Mobile Computers has released a new VERSO+10 rugged computer for logistics, including warehousing and transportation applications.

The VERSO+10 has a new logistics cradle so the system can be used in logistics applications such as picking trolleys, forklifts and small trucks. This system has been on the market for a while and has been used in outdoor environments for some time. Soon after its launch, other segments of the heavy duty user market – notably warehousing and transportation – saw the potential of the VERSO+10.

JLT responded to the requests from these clients by developing a system more suited to their needs, and have recently released the JLT1214P that has Rugged Projective Capacitive Touch (PCT) technology. The logistics system has a sunlight readable XGA display measuring 251x207x48mm in the cradle, thereby making it easy to use in tight spaces.

The JLT1214P is run with either an Intel Core i5 processor or the dual core Intel D2550 processor depending on the needs of the user. These can meet the demands of demanding computer applications while maintaining the responsiveness required for a positive user experience. It is powered with a 9-36 VDC power supply, dual band WLAN communication and highly sensitive PIFA antennae. It also has a backup battery.

The new system is claimed to provide the best possible total cost of ownership for logistics applications ranging from warehouse to food distribution and freezer storage.

As computers get into ever more diverse environments, there is real need in tough environments for a system that will survive the daily use and abuse. JLT’s answer seems to be getting noticed in logistics and warehousing where computer technology has already made an impact but as with all fields where computers are used, will improve significantly as the markets demand and technology can meet that demand.