Jow to work into the USA by end of 2021

French ultra fast fresh ingredients delivery company Jow has plans to expand into the USA in 2022.

Jow differs from most US ultra-fast delivery firms in that the shopper puts a list of ingredients into the app and the rider or shopper goes to multiple stores to get those ingredients. Only Instacart offers similar, but the UX is very different – the Instacart shopper selects the stores that the rider visits while on Jow they are not concerned about specific shops but rather the exact ingredients.

Jow has been operating since 2018 and works into 4000 stores across France. It is on track to achieve €150 million in gross merchandise value (GMV) in this financial year.

The firm has just had £15 million in Series A funding led by Eurazeo and supported by Headline, partners of DST Global and Stride. 

“There are two problems in the market. There’s the last mile; it’s extremely complicated to pick and pack orders. If you map the market, Instacart, Go and Picnic are all logisticians, they’re all about the last mile. But their UX is not personalised, they’ve not disrupted the user experience,” Jow’s CEO Edouard Sabatier says. 

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