Juan Perez to be CIO for UPS

Juan Perez is to be the Chief Information Officer of United Parcel Service (UPS). He is to replace Dave Barnes who is retiring after 38 years at the company. Perez will take over the role on the 30 June to smooth the transition.

Perez has been working with UPS for 26 years, starting as an intern at the UPS offices in LA in 1990. Until he was offered the job as CIO, Perez was Senior VP for technology, though has worked in a number of departments across the organisation during his career.

UPS CEO David Abney said of the appointment, “Juan brings great experience across a broad spectrum of business, operational and customer technology areas to the CIO position. His contributions to UPS have led to greater efficiencies in operations, enhancements to customer service and reductions in environmental impact.  I am confident he will continue UPS’s long history of information systems innovation combined with deep integration in all aspects of UPS’s business.”

Perez has 26 years of UPS experience in U.S. Domestic, International, and Supply Chain Solutions (SCS). According to UPS: “Perez was a key member of the group that defined the foundation for UPS operational technology tools and strategies used today to facilitate driver scheduling, package delivery operations, and many technology-enabled services.  Perez also worked with the IT team that developed the On-Road Integrated Optimization and Navigation (ORION) system used by UPS operations to optimize delivery routes to improve service and efficiency.”

Perez has said that his priorities will be customer technology, information security as well as operational efficiency through his background in technology at the company. UPS spends more than $1 billion a year on technology so this will be a sizeable role within the business as a whole.