Jumbo delivers through Gorillas

Dutch supermarket chain Jumbo has announced a collaboration with quick commerce company Gorillas. It is to offer a large number of its products for delivery through Gorillas in the quick commerce company’s operations in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Gorillas currently operates in 11 Dutch and two Belgian cities. It will now deliver Jumbo products to Gorillas app users in as few as 10 minutes by bicycle courier.

In most cases, the groceries will be delivered from Gorillas’ dark store customer fulfilment centres, but it will now offer deliveries direct from Jumbo stores in some cases. They have indicated plans to jointly develop new locations for their operations across the Low Countries.

Gorillas has track record in working with other supermarkets including Tesco in the UK and Casino in France.

The news comes as Jumbo announced revenues of €9.9bn, a growth of just 2% in the last year. Its online sales however grew by 30% to €650 million, though this is a loss making segment even while growing quickly.

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