Jungheinrich launches AGV order picker

Forklift and robotics manufacturer Jungheinrich has announced it has launched its new automated EKX 516a order picker.

The automated guided vehicle (AGV) is based on Jungheinrich’s EKX 516a trilateral stalker to which the firm has added automation components. It is guided using inductive guidance and transponders.

In addition the new machine has automatic battery charging, where it drives under a plate to charge its lithium-ion batteries. It can lift to heights of 13 metres.

“With the EKX 516a automated high rack stacker we have made one of our top trucks even better,” said Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, Jungheinrich board of management responsible for logistics systems. “Through the addition of new automation components, the EKX – tried and tested in countless applications – becomes a powerful AGV.

“With automation the trucks can show their strengths to full extent in narrow aisles: That saves our customers time, especially in standardised routine tasks, and guarantees efficient and reliable transport tasks.”