Kerry Logistics Network Ltd sees profits jump by a quarter

In the First Half (H1) of 2020, core net profit at Kerry Logistics Network Ltd has grown by 26% to HKD $845 million (£81.64 million) on revenues of HKD $21,885 million (£2.1 billion), a jump of 10% on 2019.

William MA, Group Managing Director of Kerry Logistics Network, said: “The COVID-19 outbreak has brought a monumental change to the fundamentals of life, from how we live and work to how we produce and consume. For now, there is no end to the pandemic in sight, nor hint of what the ‘new normal’ will look like. In such highly volatile and uncertain environments, logistics has maintained its unrivalled importance. Kerry Logistics Network’s 2020 1H results clearly demonstrated our business diversity, adaptability and agility. The Group has not only adapted through the pandemic but achieved promising growth amidst heightened volatility and widespread downturn across industries.”