Key appointments on StreetScooter board

Deutsche Post DHL automotive company StreetScooter has appointed Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen to become Chief Growth Officer. The recent Tesla Europe director is responsible for building up the international sales organisation. At the same time, Ulrich Stuhec is to be the new Chief Technical Officer and comes in from a role at Ford.

Bardenfleth-Hansen is focusing on driving international growth and StreetScooter’s innovative energy and logistics services. Meanwhile Stuhec will be responsible for the company’s expansion into China and other more technical aspects such as autonomous driving..

Jörg Sommer, CEO of StreetScooter said, “I’m delighted that we have succeeded in attracting two internationally experienced top managers from the automotive industry and the e-mobility sector to StreetScooter. I’m convinced that with Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen and Ulrich Stuhec joining us, we can pave the way for our company to enjoy successful international growth. Together we will maintain our market leadership in e-commercial vehicles and turn StreetScooter from a vehicle manufacturer into the leading energy and logistics platform for the last mile.”

Dane Peter Bardenfleth-Hansen said: “Joining StreetScooter is in many ways my ideal progression in a quest to change the heart of mobility from fossil fuels to renewables. It was necessary to start that revolution by electrifying personal mobility but the real difference will not happen until the transportation of goods is 100% sustainable and particle pollution is out of our cities – and StreetScooter is leading that change.”

Ulrich Stuhec, who has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, played a key role in driving the development of autonomous vehicles at Ford Motor Company in the US, said “I look forward to working with the StreetScooter engineering team to develop new products and fine-tune existing vehicle programs, to integrate leading-edge technologies and to help shape the company’s amazing growth with the outstanding management team,” Stuhec said.


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