KFC returns some supply chain to Bidvest

After DHL and QSL managed to cluck KFC’s logistics up so spectacularly last month, so the fried chicken chain has decided to go back to Bidvest Logistics to supply 350 restaurants in the north of the UK.

The DHL / QSL contract began operations on Valentine’s Day and there was no love lost between the logistics operators and their new client. Almost 50% of KFC restaurants had to close at some point.

With no immediate sign of the colossal cluck up clearing up, KFC went to an ‘Airbnb’ style warehousing company, Stowga, to provide additional warehousing for its food and other supplies at eight locations around the UK. The first of these temporary locations opened on the 23rd of February.

Bidvest Logistics released a statement that confirmed it has signed a long-term agreement with KFC UK & Ireland to provide a renewed supply chain to up to 350 restaurants in the North of the UK, commencing the 26th of March this year.

Paul Whyte at Bidvest Logistics said: “We are delighted to welcome KFC back to Bidvest Logistics. As the UK’s leading foodservice logistics specialist we understand the complexities of delivering fresh chicken. KFC is a valued customer and we will provide them with a seamless return to our network.”

The move will be welcomed by employees of Bidvest, who may well have had uncertain futures. DHL and QSL will be smarting from the colossal cluck up and consequent long term loss of future revenues.