Kia aims at purpose-built electric vehicle market

South Korean automotive giant has announced an MoU to build electric purpose-built-vehicles (PBVs) for a delivery company in Singapore.

The work is to begin with a pilot using modified electric Kia Niros for deliveries in the city state that will be specially modified for deliveries. Kia has stated its intention to become a market leader in PBVs which will include purpose built last-mile delivery vehicles but also autonomous shuttles and chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles.

“Through this agreement, Kia will leave a strong image of itself as a collaborative partner providing new value to global mobility service companies,” said DongSoo Ahn, vice president and head of the PBV business group at Kia. “Kia will strive to lead the global PBV market by establishing partnerships with various operators through not only last-mile delivery services but also various open-innovation collaborations.”

The MoU is to work with S.lab Asia for delivering its cold boxes. At the same time, Kia will be working with a number of other key partners in Singapore including Hyundai’s Innovation Centre, and Singapore’s largest electric vehicle charging company SP Group.