Klarna: omnichannel retailers aren’t as sophisticated as they think

UK e-commerce customer finance company Klarna has shown that 60% of customers who get a poor experience on any channel from an omnichannel retailer will make them less likely to shop with the firm again.

This has been revealed in Klarna’s report, “Owning Omnichannel: winning at clicks and bricks”, that according to Klarna, “uncovers a potentially damaging disconnect between what shoppers want from their omnichannel shopping experience and what retailers think shoppers want.”

The research showed that 89% of Klarna’s shoppers use multiple channels to search and spend – and 73% of retailers are looking to increase their investment in omnichannel strategies.

Klarna suggests that the investment in multi-channel sales could be misplaced should the retailers fail to understand what their customers value in regard the retail experience as it could alienate the customers they are trying to attract.

This perception gap is shown in the report’s data: 75% of retailers consider themselves sophisticated when it comes to omnichannel retail, yet 50% of Klarna users believe that the same retailers are not joined up enough between their online and in-store operations.

The report does show that physical retail is still an important channel – 51% of Klarna shoppers use the retailers’ physical stores.

Alex Naughton, Head of Klarna UK & Ireland, said: “Today’s consumers shop across a multitude of channels, from brands’ websites and physical stores to social networks and search engines – and they expect a smooth and consistent retail experience whatever channel or touchpoint they are engaging with. So, it’s promising to see that retailers recognise the importance of having a great omnichannel retail experience. But, if they’re to see a return on their omnichannel investment, they need to ensure they avoid any disconnect and fully understand shopper priorities. It’s clear in-store shopping is still incredibly important for consumers, so retailers should look at how they can make their stores a more experiential, cultural space that inspires shoppers.”

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