KLG Europe to use Descartes e-Customs solution

Worldwide logistics services provider KLG Europe has chosen Descartes Systems Group to provide its e-Customs solution to handle the impending compulsory customs declarations after Brexit begins in January.

KLG Europe’s main interests as a freight forwarder is within the EU. Customs declarations haven’t been a common issue for the company. The 5% of its business to countries outside of the EU that did require customs declarations was handed over to agents to handle. The company now estimates that with Brexit coming it will have to make around 28,000 customs declarations annually from around 0 before. With the help of the UK government’s Customs Grants Scheme it chose Descartes and has trained up its staff in handling the process so they can handle such paperwork as straightforwardly as possible.

“Ensuring that our day-to-to logistics business remains accurate and efficient for our customers is top priority, so it was absolutely crucial to find a solution that could enable us to cope with the huge extra volume of customs declarations that will be required post Brexit. The customs declaration process is complex, and so the added value of Descartes’ training and knowledge on this has been paramount since deploying the e-Customs solution. Additionally, it has the capability to integrate with our other current systems, eliminating duplication of work. While many Brexit deadlines have come and gone, we’re now confident we will be ready to deal with the 100% increase in customs declarations that will be required from us from 1st January 2021.” – Jamie Wood, General Manager, KLG Europe Bradford Ltd.

Pol Sweeney, VP Sales and Business Manager UK for Descartes comments: “For businesses like KLG Europe, that are going from processing zero customs declarations to tens of thousands, and in some cases, hundreds of thousands overnight, the complex process of managing in-house customs declarations may not seem appealing. But, as KLG Europe realised, it made more sense for their operation to develop inhouse expertise. Deploying Descartes’ e-Customs solution along with expert training helps to simplify the customs process and ensure businesses remain both compliant and efficient.”