Korea Post trials parcel delivery & collection robots

South Korea’s Korea Post is to trial autonomous mail delivery robots for sending and receiving parcels and mail in the country.

The trial, supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Korea Post, is to begin in October and to run for 21 months. The robots use 5G communications and AI to navigate, and can be called for using the Korea Post app that will bring the vehicle to a designated location at a set time. The customer will enter a password and can then collect or send their parcels.

The Korea Post vehicles are there to deliver and collect parcels, to some extent being effectively a combination of parcel locker and mobile post office. The trial is to take place initially at university campuses and large complexes of flats.

South Korea has long had a reputation for embracing ground-breaking technology and has some of the best public communications infrastructure in the world. The new Korea Post technology is emblematic of this, where the country could once again lead the world only this time with postal delivery technology…