Kuehne + Nagel announces launch of KN Packaging

Logistics technology giant Kuehne + Nagel have announced the launch of a new “one-stop-shop contract packaging solution” called KN Packaging.

The new packing service is now being implemented at Kuehne + Nagel facilities worldwide. It focuses on three areas: using state of the art software, deployment of latest collaborative robots (called ‘cobots’) as well as cooperation with local packaging providers.

According to Kuehne + Nagel the cloud based solution offered by Nulogy improves its customer service through adding “instant connectivity and full transparency”. The software will provide customers with a targeted and traceable solution for their contract packaging needs.

In addition the logistics firm is partnering with cobot specialist Universal Robots in driving process automation.

“Designed to assist warehouse workers in a variety of packaging tasks, the integration of cobots will lead to a significant reduction in turnaround times,” said Kuehne + Nagel.

Gianfranco Sgro, member of the Management Board of Kuehne + Nagel International AG responsible for Contract Logistics, commented: “At Kuehne + Nagel we aim at innovating systems and processes to seamlessly serve our customers and to make processes much faster, better and leaner, regardless of industries or geographies. With this strategic enhancement of our contract packaging services, we expect to see significant growth across a number of key markets and anticipate deploying hundreds of cobots in our operations in the next few years.”

Linked to this, the European Parliament is due to vote on laws related to robots in the workplace. This will help drive such use of cobots into the mainstream.  
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