La Poste offers reusable packaging with Hipli

France’s La Poste has entered into a reusable packaging agreement with packaging company Hipli to enable French e-commerce customers to use fully reusable packaging for the parcels they receive.

Under the partnership, online merchants will be able to offer Hipli reusable packaging to their customers, which is available in three flexible sizes and one rigid size. After the parcel is received, the customer simply puts the packaging into a letterbox where it is sent to Hipli to be cleaned and then reused – not unlike milk and soda bottles were in the past. Each Hipli package is designed to be reused 100 times.

Hipli say that it represents an 83% reduction in carbon emissions compared to standard throwaway cardboard packaging.

The offer is made to online merchants who use the La Poste parcel delivery firm Colissimo, which in 2020 delivered 471 million packages to private customers in 2021. The volumes were up 30% on 2019 and represent roughly 47% of all e-commerce parcels sent across France that year.

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