La Poste rolls out parcel lockers at SNCF stations

Following the lead of other countries’ successful railway station parcel pick / up drop off schemes, French railway operator SNCF and their postal operator La Poste have announced that they are planning a national roll out of the ‘Collect & Station’ parcel locker scheme in railway stations across the country.

The two organisations deployed lockers in 120 stations around Ile de France, the province in which Paris is situated. This has proved a major success.

The two organisations have released a statement saying that they plan to have lockers in all major Parisian railway stations and the main stations in all of France’s major cities. By the end of 2016 there should be more than 250 Pickup Stations run by La Poste and SNCF.

According to the same statement La Poste has said that more than 120,000 parcels have been delivered through the 120 existing Pickup parcel lockers installed in the Ile de France region.

The UK has had similar schemes in place with private companies offering pick up and drop off shops in major train stations around London and other major stations. These have proved popular with commuters who can collect their goods on the way to work and drop off goods they are returning at the same locations. Where there has been proven success in e-commerce, so others will follow and this appears to have been the case in France.

France, like the UK, has a mature yet still fast growing e-commerce market and being able to pick up and drop off goods at ever more convenient locations will only help the industry get greater market reach there.