Labour leader demands end to Royal Mail sell off

Newly elected Leader of the Opposition, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has demanded that the government end the planned sell off of the remaining 15% of Royal Mail at a rally of the Communications Workers Union in Manchester.

Corbyn held back from demands for renationalisation of the postal operator. Though no specific policies were announced, it is known that the party is drawing up plans for a number of organisations, including the national power and gas networks as well as the rail network, to be employee owned and managed.

At the rally outside the Conservative Party conference last night, Corbyn said, “Every postal worker is a person of skill and knowledge. Every postal worker has ideas and may have suggestions about how we could do things differently or better. Why do we so often suppress the imagination, and intelligence and ideas of so many people?”

With the next General Election four and a half years away, the party is unlikely to publicly discuss their alternatives to public or private ownership for quite some time.