Latch lays claim to first in-door delivery

Smart home locks company Latch has reported that it has completed “the world’s first unattended deliveries using smart access” in New York City.

In a blog posted on, Luke Schoenfelder, Co-Founder and CEO at Latch, said: “This is a big day. Secure, unattended deliveries are finally here.”

Schoenfelder continued: “Beginning Monday morning, thousands of people in New York City are able to order anything they want from our partners online and know that they can return home to their packages without the threat of theft, inclement weather, or the dreaded “sorry we missed you” door tag. This new experience is explosive, with thousands of new customers in New York City alone getting this experience at their building every week now.

“This is no longer a concept. This is no longer a test. This is the beginning of what will soon become the new normal in urban environments and beyond. For the first time ever, customers ordered a product online, a delivery person shows up at their building, uses their unique credential to open the door to the building lobby, and sets the package inside.”

Apex Insight reported in July that Latch was planning the project alongside Walmart’s

The news comes as Amazon announced a similar product known as the Amazon Key. This also enables customers to use a combination of smartphone app, smart lock and Amazon Cloud Cam to allow delivery staff into their homes (while watching it take place as they wish).

While there are some genuine concerns about letting delivery personnel into one’s home, Latch get around this by only allowing the person into the lobby of the apartment building and not the actual apartment. With Latch aiming this at building managers it is believed that the technology can be scaled up more quickly.

In the UK this would be the equivalent of the delivery staff hitting the ‘Trades’ button on the entry system so may not make waves by comparison to the United States…

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