Report finds UK waste management sector worth £8.4bn

The UK waste management market is currently worth £8.4 billion and has grown by an average of 7% per annum despite the economic downturn, according to a report published by consultancy firm Apex Insight.

The report quantifies the market and identifies historical patterns of growth and key trends behind the figures. The study is based on data from economic, government and company sources as well as interviews with senior-level figures. It also includes analysis of relevant economic factors – such as GDP, household trends, landfill diversion targets – and more specific factors including waste arisings, landfill void levels, treatment markets and innovation in waste-to-energy.

The study concludes that the waste management market should reach over £9 billion in 2012, however Apex said that some uncertainties remain around the rate of growth, such as the risk that slow economic recovery could lead to continued depressed business activity across the waste generation industries.



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