Latvijas Pasts to roll out Cleveron parcel locker network

Latvian postal operator Latvijas Pasts is to roll out a carrier-agnostic parcel locker network using parcel locker technology developed by Cleveron. The app-operated parcel lockers are set to be installed in August.

The home delivery service will be implemented by the subsidiary of Latvijas Pasts, SIA Mailmaster. “With the rapid growth of home deliveries we needed to think about how to deliver items to the customers in the most convenient way. A home parcel locker is definitely one such solution,” said Gatis Ģērmanis, a member of the Mailmaster board.

“The advantages a home parcel locker offers match the needs of our customers. They could be described in three words: convenience, security, simplicity. Convenience means that the customer saves time because they do not need to wait at home for a courier or go anywhere to pick up their orders. The parcels are safely stored in a steel locker in front of their house and the locker can only be opened by the owner or the assigned family member via the app. The simplicity stands for the ease of installation and use of the solution,” continued Ģērmanis.

The home parcel lockers will be large enough to take groceries as well as virtually any other postal or courier item. “For example, you can put 44 standard-size shoe boxes or five fully filled large standard food bags in the parcel, so you don’t have to worry about not getting something through the parcel locker,” explained Ģērmanis.

“We have tested the home locker open network for some time now in Estonia and it is clear that customers value convenience above all. We are excited to see that Latvijas Pasts is taking a bold step, disrupting the set ways and actually building a truly open network, available for all service providers. We believe that is the future of home deliveries since this will benefit the customers and companies alike,” concluded Arti Kütt, COO of Cleveron.