LeaseVan urges post lockdown safety checks on vans

Commercial vehicle leasing company LeaseVan has urged drivers to complete checks on their vehicles before going out on the road. This is particularly the case if the vehicle has not been used during lockdown.

LeaseVan suggest a check on tyres, the engine, lights, doors and windscreen as a starting point and a thorough check inside to make sure brakes and steering are as they should be.

A spokesperson for LeaseVan said: “If your van has been parked up with very few miles covered then it’s important to give it a good check before you head out on the road.

“We’ve detailed the basic points like checking tyres, lights and other essentials but if anything concerns you or doesn’t seem to be running right, it’s worth getting it checked out by a mechanic.

“If your van is key to your business, it’s worth doing these checks as often as once a week to make sure you pick up on any problems before they become too costly.”