Liberabo delivery driver prosecuted for theft

A former Liberabo delivery driver has been convicted of theft of mobile phones and computers in Leicester. 23 year old Tomasz Bolon also admitted to fraud by false representation by selling 19 items he stole to a computer company between September and October 2015.

Bolon was given a twelve month community order with 240 hours of unpaid work, and ordered to pay £8,599.81 to his former employer Dev Deol. Deol had footed the bill for replacements in order to maintain the reputation of his company Liberabo Ltd that is based in Shepshed.

Deol said that his company suffered as a result of his former employee’s actions that briefly brought other, innocent delivery drivers under suspicion.

He said: “I’d have expected him to have gone to prison, to send out a strong message, but it’s fair that he now has to work hard to pay for the goods he took.

“It hurt our reputation and hurt us financially but we hope to recover from this.

“I felt betrayed by Tomasz and it was a serious breach of trust.”

Prosecuting at Leicester Crown Court, Samuel Coe said that Bolon worked as a delivery driver for Liberabo for four months during which time a number of complaints had been made aabout the non- receipt of goods. Coe said, “In due course suspicion fell on the defendant because the complaints were in the area he worked.

“He was suspended and during the week he was away no parcels went missing.”

Bolon admitted his wrongdoing at meeting with Mr Deol and his fleet manager.

Mr Coe said: “He apologised saying he was trying to clear debts and offered to pay for the goods.”