Lithuania Post closes post offices, replacing with mobile staff

In the face of a collapse in the rural population in some areas of Lithuania, Lithuania Post has announced it is to replace some of the underused post offices with ‘Mobile Postmen’.

Lithuania Post has said in a statement that because of ‘rapidly decreasing populations’ in certain rural areas, the postal operator has had to innovate in order to continue its universal reach across the country without losing vast amounts of money.

One of the outcomes of the cost savings programme is that Lithuania Post has closed 77 of its least visited post offices and instead replaced them with 124 ‘Mobile Postmen’. These staff are able to provide all the postal services required, and visit people’s homes or “designated service provision locations”.

The Lithuania Post employees are fully equipped with tablets, cellphones, portable receipt printers and scales. They are regularly given training to keep up to date with advances in their work practices.

Mikas Jovaišas, Head of Strategy and Business Development at Lithuania Post, commented: “According to the new operating model a mobile postman can provide services, which used to be available only at stationary post offices, at the residents’ homes. For example, accept postal parcels for sending. So, the opportunities to use postal services have been significantly expanded: residents choose methods that are the most convenient for them.”

The mobile posties can also act as information gatherers and early warning systems.  Jovaišas explained: “We and various non-governmental organisations cooperate now with regard to the opportunities of mobile postmen, who have Internet access and mobile phones, to contribute to ensuring the social well-being of the residents of remote rural areas, for example, informing responsible authorities about noticed disasters or other social risks.”
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