Lithuania Post customers’ parcel locker habits

Lithuania Post has seen a significant growth in the use of its self-service parcel terminals. The postal operator says that this is because customers are opting for the convenience of shopping online and collecting their parcels at a time that suits them.

“It is estimated that this year there have already been sent nearly half as many items via the country’s largest self-service parcel terminals LP EXPRESS network than last year at the same time,” said Lithuania Post.

“We have noticed that e-commerce is fundamentally changing behavior and psychology of the customer,” said Juozas Buitkus, the Head of Baltic Post, a subsidiary company of Lithuania Post which runs the LP EXPRESS self-service parcel terminals.

“[But] going to a post office or waiting for a courier at home – is a waste of personal time for the online shopper. Today, people more than ever cherish and plan their time, therefore, self-service parcel terminals operating 24/7, which allow to collect postal items containing purchases from online stores at the most convenient time, are one of the most [attractive] e-commerce channels.”

Lithuania Post commissioned research by Nielsen to look at Lithuanian residents’ shopping habits earlier this year. The survey showed that three main factors influenced Lithuanian online shoppers’ decisions: “a low price of goods (68%); convenience (63%) and a possibility to shop at the right time (62%)”.

“Even 8 out of 10 respondents stated that choosing an online store an important criterion is a possibility to choose items delivery alternatives (a post office, courier service or self-service parcel terminal). It proves once again that the contemporary buyer wants to be independent, decide and choose by himself the most convenient way of delivery of online purchases.”