Lithuania Post – growth in digital ‘we missed you’ slips

The Lithuanian postal operator Lithuania Post has announced that a growing number of its customers are choosing to receive news about their registered postal items by SMS or email rather than by a paper slip posted through their door.

Now, nearly one notification in three sent by Lithuania Post about such items is now electronically sent.

“Today, instead of the usual paper notices, which are left in mailboxes of consignees, the number of sent SMS messages increases weekly. It indicates that the Lithuania Post’s innovation – informing consignees of items electronically – has proven to work,” said Mikas Jovaišas, Head of Business Development at Lithuania Post.

“To get a message about a received registered postal item to a personal cell phone is a much more convenient and time-saving way. There is no need to check your mailbox daily anymore, as after receiving an SMS message or e-mail you can immediately go to a post office to collect the item. This way allows to save and efficiently plan personal time.”

The new system reflects the general move from paper mail to electronic communications on the part of customers and the move from paper mail to parcels in the postal sector. Sending ‘sorry we missed you’ communications to a mobile device is a lot more convenient than the systems they replace on basis that the consignee can divert their way home via the post office and collect their goods. Sometimes little things make life work, even in the postal sector – a very good move for other postal and delivery operators to follow…