Lithuania Post launches ‘e-self service’ system

After a successful pilot project where 20,000 items were sent from business customers trialling the new scheme, Lithuania Post is to launch an ‘e-self service’ system to all its business customers.

Under the new system, businesses will be able to print their own postage labels and ‘stamps’ that they will be able to stick on their parcels and then these can enter the postal system just by passing the item to a member of Lithuania Post staff.

According to Mikas Jovaišas, the Head of Business Development Department in Lithuania Post: “The operating principle of e-self service is simple: the business customer has to enter the necessary data online and affix a special printed sticker on the outgoing postal item. Such a postal item only needs to be handed to the postal worker serving the company or organization, or presented to a post office to be sent. It is a more flexible, convenient and faster way to use postal services.”

Such schemes are relatively new in Europe, with Royal Mail recently launching a similar system in the UK with its 3D barcodes. For businesses that use the mail system heavily, this can save a lot of issues down the line, as well as saving money by not requiring someone to have to go to a post office to hand their parcels over as well as pay for them.

In a statement from Lithuania Post the company said, “We have started to prepare in advance, in order to ensure a smooth e-self-service functioning. We have been asking our customers’ opinions and we keep improving this electronic service in order to meet customer needs. In the course of a few months, over 20,000 self-prepared postal items have already been sent. We are glad that the customers who had experienced e-self service were satisfied with it and are planning to continue sending items by themselves.”