Lithuania Post launches locker system

Lithuanian national postal operator Lithuania Post has launched its LP Express 24/7 parcel terminal system. This is a pay as you receive locker system that allows customers to collect their parcels from a locker at time and place that is convenient for them, should they be away when they would normally receive their goods.

Customers can arrange delivery to any one of 80 terminals in Lithuania via the website, and collect them for €1 per parcel from the lockers. The website will give them an individual ID code that will direct the customer to the specific terminal for collection.

Until now parcels were sent to a specific post office that served the recipient’s residential area, and were limited as to the time of day they could collect their items. Now customers can collect their goods during a commute from work or wherever else they may be in the country, maximising convenience for them while speeding up the supply chain for e-commerce businesses.

A spokesperson for the postal operator said, “At the LP EXPRESS terminals, it is possible to collect all the postal items, both national and international that are sent by post.” This means that those purchasing from abroad can also benefit from the LP Express service, widening the range of products they can buy at the greatest convenience.

The network currently has 72 lockers but this will extend to 80 soon, with new lockers being added to existing locations as the network expands.

Locker systems and terminals are seen as a major answer to the problem posed by people not always having someone home to receive their goods. The LP Express network follows a number of other delivery companies and postal operators around Europe who have set up similar operations. Convenience and speed of delivery mean that both e-tailer and consumer can work together with minimal problems associated with delivery.

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