Lithuania Post replaces PO Boxes with parcels lockers

When we write about ‘parcel lockers’ at Apex Insight we usually are considering systems whereby a person or company sets up a dedicated parcel locker, perhaps in the US for dispatch to the UK in bulk. Lithuania Post has instead set up a pilot scheme where instead of letter boxes for Post Office Boxes (PO Boxes) the national postal operator is offering parcel sized lockers so items of most reasonable sizes can be posted to the recipient.

In a statement announcing the scheme, Lithuania Post said that they are, “a more modern and convenient version of traditional mail boxes. They are bigger than the usual mail boxes, so they can contain more parcels and even the bigger ones.”

The personal lockers will be locked with an electronic key and postal items delivered to the personal parcel lockers will be given a special code to enable tracking. When delivery companies deliver postal items to the personal parcel lockers the person receiving it is immediately informed of the delivery by text message.

This will be a pilot project and will last three months before a full roll out is considered for the whole country. Directress of the Postal Network Division Inga Dunduliene said, “With this trial period we wish to explore technical possibilities of delivering postal items to personal parcel lockers, clarify their functionality and customer needs. It is going to be a very important base for further development of this project, seeking to create an innovative, functional, qualitative and customer needs meeting service.”

In the face of the changing postal ecosystem globally, it makes a lot of sense to make PO Boxes larger to meet the demands of customers. Other European postal operators are likely to follow Lithuania Post’s example, though watch this space for announcements on the subject.