Lithuania Post to use digital signage network

Lithuania Post is to use digital signage to keep customers up to date with their latest offerings. It chose Signagelive and Hansab UAB to provide a nationwide digital signage network.

The system will be based on the Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP) and powered by Signagelive’s System on Chip (SoC) software.

Signagelive said in a statement, “The digital signage network is being used to reduce the organisation’s dependency on printed advertising and deliver a better customer experience by raising awareness of the different products and services offered by the post office and its stakeholders in an eye catching and engaging format.

“The digital signage network is also generating an additional revenue stream for PayPost through the sale of advertising airtime to third-party companies such as credit card companies, loan providers or insurance brokers, for example.”

Up until now the national postal operator had to rely on individual post office branches to ensure that their advertising material was up to date. This was time consuming and could result in disjointed marketing campaigns.

Now, Signagelive’s SoC and HTML5 based digital signage platform has enabled PayPost to roll out a national digital signage network that can be managed from a centralised point.

“This has resulted in the optimisation of internal processes while freeing up internal resource and significantly reducing operational and logistical costs,” said Signagelive.

“Displayed content (created by PayPost and associated stakeholders) is stored and managed on Signagelive’s cloud-based platform and eliminates the need for onsite media players and storage servers. Content can be distributed out nationally, regionally or on a kiosk-by-kiosk basis depending on the location or the nature of the content.”

The digital signage network comprises 67 x 46” Samsung OMD46-W 2,500 nits high brightness displays installed in outdoor self-service payment kiosks located in front of all major post office branches.