Local Royal Mail strike after administrator fired

There has been mail delivery disruption in mid Wales due to a Royal Mail postal workers brought about by a ‘whistleblower’ being fired.

Postal workers at Llanelli walked out after an administrator was fired for reporting unauthorised overtime being paid to delivery staff to the Royal Mail internal investigations team. Managers were paying certain delivery staff overtime that they had not earned to justify higher budgets during the summer months. This is claimed to be so the depot would get a bigger budget in the coming peak season and to better manage the projected surge in parcel volumes as a result.

The administrator, on finding out about the move by management, eventually reported the issue. The manager then fired the administrator and the Communication Workers Union has responded with local industrial action, including one strike and plans for another. The administrator has appealed their dismissal. 

According to a national newspaper, “A source close to Royal Mail said: ‘The senior manager has tried to keep his budgets healthy by getting the guys in the office to pay postmen for fake overtime hours which they haven’t worked. 

‘The guy who did it then became uneasy. He’s tried to blow the whistle on his bosses and been fired. 

‘The big question is if the investigation finds misconduct, is Llanelli the only office where this has happened?’” 

Royal Mail declined a request to comment by the national newspaper thanks to the internal investigation and employment appeal being live.

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