Lockars to install 25,000 UK parcel lockers

Startup parcel locker company Lockars plans to install a network of 25,000 parcel lockers in the UK, 10,000 of which are to be in London.

The carrier and retailer agnostic parcel locker network will have solar arrays on the lockers designed to reduce their environmental impact. Lockars estimate that once fully deployed their network will remove 14,500 delivery vans from the roads, 6,000 of which will be from London’s roads.

Lockars is planning a ‘dense network’ with its parcel lockers to be no more than 300 metres from residences across London. These will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Juan Sotolongo, CEO of Lockars, commented, “2021 is the time to innovate the way we deliver and receive parcels.  With both the significant increase in home-based delivery and the need to reduce carbon emissions in cities, a new ecosystem is required.  Our story started 20 years ago from working within the industry and studying the best approach which will benefit consumers, retailers and carriers.  We anticipated the exponential growth in B2C parcel delivery that we are seeing today, but there were infrastructure problems in addressing the last mile deliveries, that being the cost of building a dense locker network is prohibitive for any single carrier. By building an open network, all parties can benefit from this infrastructure.”

“Lockars was born to address the many issues that carriers, consumers, city planners and retailers now face, such as unanswered doors, heavy traffic and failed journeys. We have reengineered parcel delivery, examining every detail to develop a system that benefits all parties. We are building urban infrastructures to solve a growing problem and a new world of home deliveries.”

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