Lockourier offers contactless parcel locker operation

Canadian parcel locker company Lockourier has launched its Luxer One mobile app that offers contactless deliveries and pickup services for those using its parcel lockers.

Those using the app can interact with the parcel locker and room, allowing them to manage their packages and settings in one place.

Controlling access to the parcel lockers remotely using their mobile devices, the system is completely key-free.

The app is available on Google Play and Apple Store. A one-time code is sent to the recipient who via Bluetooth allows the user to open the parcel locker using their smartphone, not using the locker bank’s touchscreen.

Joseph Collins, president and CEO of Lockourier, said, “We are navigating uncharted waters together with COVID-19. To help, we have created a true contactless experience exclusively for Lockourier clients.”