Logistics UK encourages members toward net zero emissions

Industry body Logistics UK has launched its ‘Route to Net Zero’ campaign where it will encourage its 18,000 member businesses to decarbonising their operations ‘as quickly, effectively and as urgently as possible’ before the UK legal deadline of 2050.

Michelle Gardner, Head of Public Policy at Logistics UK, comments: “Logistics UK and its members understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are working hard to decarbonise logistics operations; we are pleased to launch this campaign today to support and encourage the industry’s journey to Net Zero. A key component of this campaign’s success will be getting the right support from government; Logistics UK will be working in partnership with its members and government to help ensure the right policies, infrastructure, power supply, funding and vehicle markets are in place to realise the logistics industry’s Net Zero ambition.”

Part of the Logistics UK campaign is to launch a comprehensive policy manifesto ahead of COP26 in November, 2021. For more information on Logistics UK’s environmental campaigns and to get involved, please visit logistics.org.uk/environment