London ULEZ comes into force Monday

The London Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) comes into force this coming Monday, 8th April. Daily charges of £100 are to be imposed on large goods vehicles that fail to meet Euro VI emissions standards.

The ULEZ is exactly the same space of London covered by the existing congestion charging zone. The charge runs 24/7.

Lorries that do meet Euro VI will be exempt from the charge, though lorries that are not exempt must pay £100 per day in the zone or a £1000 fine for not making payment – though this can be reduced to £500 if payment is made within 14 days.

Meanwhile vans must also meet Euro VI for diesel engines and Euro IV for petrol engines. Those vehicles that do not meet those standards will pay £12.50 a day or a penalty charge of £160.

The charges are in addition to the Congestion Charge already imposed on all vehicles entering the zone.

The Confederation of British Industry welcomed the scheme as a “positive step in the right direction towards improving London’s air quality”.

However, Eddie Curzon, CBI London director, warned: “Smaller firms can struggle to afford the switch to low emission vehicles, and for some larger vehicles, there are simply no low emission alternatives available. To make a success of the ULEZ, it is crucial that City Hall works with firms to help them take advantage of new technologies and support them, where required, to accelerate the take up of low emission vehicles.”

Some companies are not going to buy new fleets very quickly to meet the regulations, instead finding it more economical to pay the charges. Smaller companies are notable among those.


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