Loughborough University looks at CAVs motorway safety

Loughborough University is to support a new £1 million Highways England project studying the suitability of the UK’s motorway network for connected autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Amongst other things the research is to look at merging and diverging sections, lane markings and operations at roadworks to assess safety issues.

The Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: Infrastructure Appraisal Readiness (CAVIAR) project will also involve input from construction company Galliford Try.

“To date there is significant investment and advancement in Connected and Autonomous Vehicles. It is, however, not known whether existing road infrastructure, which was designed for conventional vehicles, is ready for the safe and efficient operations of CAVs. CAVIAR directly addresses this challenge,” said Loughborough University Professor of intelligent transport systems, Mohammed Quddus, the principal investigator on the project, and also of ABCE.

“Although CAVs are designed with existing infrastructure in mind, ensuring they are safe to operate on motorways will require evaluating how road layouts affect their operational boundaries such as their ability to sense lanes and make appropriate decisions.”