Lytx – commercial drivers safer than ever

Fleet video telematics telematics providers Lytx has shown that UK commercial drivers are more safety conscious than ever, despite facing new challenges on the roads.

The Lytx UK driving risk database has shown that despite increased pressures as a result of the pandemic, the instances of risky behaviours have fallen significantly since 2019, in some cases by as much as 50%.

In the five week period from 8/6/20 to 12/7/20, some 53% of near-collision incidents were unavoidable, with the driver exhibiting perfect driving safety behaviours and did nothing to contribute to any near misses.

Traffic levels on UK roads have increased by 70% compared to the previous month, adding to the risk of incidents. The pressure to avoid public transport for pandemic-related reasons is set to add to the risk as out-of-practice private drivers join the traffic thanks to the pressure from the government to get the economy going again.

“Our data shows that commercial drivers are responding incredibly well to busier roads. We know from conversations with our customers that many fleets have increased their driver coaching during the pandemic and we can see that it has had a positive effect, with best practice behaviours intuitively kicking in when drivers need them most,” said Damian Penney, Vice President of Lytx Europe.

“As we continue to get back to normal, it’s crucial fleet managers keep utilising data insights to understand what is happening in and out of the cab and that those all-important conversations between driver and manager are taking place. Not only is this an opportunity to address any risky behaviours or to feedback on an incident, but to reward safe driving which we can see is happening,” he added.