MailAmericas buys MailAfrica

US company MailAmericas has bought the UK based African mail specialist MailAfrica. This will allow MailAmericas to set up a UK base as well.

Tomas Miguens, MailAmericas principal, commented: “We have been talking to MailAfrica for years, trying to get them to join in our expansion plans and are delighted to finally conclude a mutually agreeable deal.

“Our customers will benefit from MailAfrica’s excellent African routes while MailAfrica’s customers will be able to access the MailAmericas routes to so many other countries around the world.

“The economies of scale are compelling and present an opportunity to carve out more high quality, alternative service options at highly competitive rates, it’s a natural fit.”

Wayne Cathey, Managing Director of MailAfrica, added: “I’m excited about the prospect of being part of a larger, fast expanding operation and being able to offer our customers so many other routes as well as new parcel services that MailAmericas have been developing. We’ve been looking at various options over the past couple of years but until now we haven’t really had the opportunity to add-on a wider range of services in one go.

“It will open up new opportunities for MailAfrica staff as well as a greater service choice for customers.”

MailAfrica UK Ltd started in 1992, originally shipping mail to Nigeria as an alternative to the traditional terminal dues based services that were offered by Post Offices. Now, the company offers a regular service to 13 countries for customers in the UK, Europe and the US.

MailAmericas initially started with a focus on Latin American countries but has since expanded to cover 63 countries in East and South East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central and South America and Northern and Southern Africa.
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