MaltaPost takes on new collating machine

To manage staff costs and allow downtime for the existing machine, MaltaPost has bought a new Duplo automated collating solution for its unaddressed mail deliveries.

The existing Duplo DM Mini Collation System has already allowed the postal operator to move all production to mornings only. It also provides backup and extra capacity as required during peak person such as Christmas and during election.

MaltaPost’s COO Adrian Vassallo explains why the company invested in the technology: “Now that all set collation is handled on the first Duplo Collator, the machine runs 16 hours per day, 6 days per week.  Consequently we have no spare production capacity, nor sufficient time to carry out routine maintenance, even though the machine has been extremely reliable.

“Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find staff willing to work the afternoon/evening shift,” he says.

The unaddressed mail business is extremely important to MaltaPost, which has a dedicated team sorting and delivering the mail to households on the island. The postal operator still seeks to control staff costs and the existing Duplo machine has reduced the unaddressed mail workforce by 20%. During peak periods however the staff on the team occasionally struggle to meet demand.

“This second system will also provide us with more flexibility at peak periods.  For example, we could split production into subsets across the two systems, and share the delivery of some of the unaddressed mail sets with our postmen,” he explains.