Mason Companies buys Proship packing solution

Wisconsin based clothing retailer Mason Companies has bought automated solutions company Proship’s CVP-500 automated packing solution for its online business.

Proship say that the CVP-500 will optimise all steps of package fulfilment for the clothing retailer and should facilitate Mason Companies continued e-commerce growth.

The CVP-500 system builds, folds, fills and labels each order in a single process and creates custom fitted packages every seven seconds. In doing so the Proship system uses 20% less corrugated cardboard and also eliminates unnecessary void fill.

Scott Eggenberger, Director of Business Development/CVP-500 at ProShip, commented: “Mason Companies currently uses the ProShip Product Suite, our enterprise-wide, multi-carrier shipping software that optimizes shipping processes. With the CVP-500, the company will have a fully integrated cost-saving solution for order fulfillment that will increase packing and shipping efficiencies, especially during the peak holiday season.”

Pat Sullivan, Distribution Center Manager at Mason Companies, added: “We saw the CVP-500 in action while in Europe, where it has been very well received by a number of large retailers. We were extremely impressed with its capabilities and its ability to improve our warehouse efficiency and customer service. At the same time, the CVP-500 will help us to save money in labor, packaging materials and shipping costs.

“The new system will be installed in time to handle the peak shipping volumes of the upcoming holiday season and we look forward to seeing the valuable results we know this innovative system can achieve.”

Automated packing systems are a great way of saving money and improve efficiency prior to delivery.