launched in-boot grocery delivery service

Swedish online grocery delivery company is to launch an in-boot grocery delivery service to Volvo car owners in cooperation with packaging specialist iFoodBag. The service will be available in Gothenburg initially though if there is uptake of the service then this will see a full national rollout.

Volvo car owners can sign up with the Volvo In-Car Delivery service can order their goods online and then specify when and where they have their food delivered to their vehicles. delivery drivers will be able to open the vehicle once and thereafter not get in again until the next order is made.

‘In-boot delivery’ services have been widely held as a solution for customers who might not be in the right place when they want their goods delivered though some commentators have questioned whether there will be much uptake by customers given that delivery drivers have made the headlines for stealing goods when in places of trust.

Where many of the in-boot delivery services launched around the world are for less perishable goods, is the first grocery delivery company to try groceries. Their partnership with iFoodBag will enable goods to remain safe to eat and in their original condition for up to 24 hours. iFoodBag is also based in Sweden and has already had their goods tested with a number of major nationwide food businesses to some success.

As with drone delivery there is much hype around the idea of ‘in-boot delivery’ but commentators have yet to be particularly excited about the prospect of delivery drivers, who may not have had adequate criminal history screening, coming into someone’s car to drop off their groceries. Until the public at large is completely at ease with this there may not be much uptake in this service. However, the idea could surprise everyone by being a runaway success…