Matternet drone Station launched

International delivery drone developers Matternet have launched their Matternet Station, a base for medical delivery drones, as part of the company’s vision for deliveries in urban environments.

The Matternet Station is integrated into the M2 Drone and Cloud Platform. It provides an interface for sending and receiving medical payloads and a safe and secure drone portal for hospital campuses.

The stations are to initially serve healthcare systems in the US and Switzerland. They are to help hospitals and supply partners integrate automated drone delivery into lab and pharmacy operations.

Hospitals can move blood diagnostics, pathology specimens and medicine between their facilities and suppliers with fast and predictable aerial delivery.

Andreas Raptopoulos, CEO of Matternet, said, “We are building the technology platform for extremely fast, point-to-point, urban medical delivery, enabling hospital systems to shrink patient waiting times and save millions of dollars per year through the centralization of laboratories and medical inventory.”