Matternet launches drone station

Matternet, the delivery drone specialist, has officially unveiled its ‘Matternet Station’, an automated base where drones can land, exchange batteries and payloads, and fly off to their next destination.

The drone delivery specialist has released a statement that says the first Matternet Stations are to “service healthcare systems in Switzerland to automate on-demand transportation of blood and pathology samples between hospital facilities”.

The new landing and take off base by Matternet takes up a space of just 2 square metres and can be put on ground or rooftop locations.

According to Matternet: “It is equipped with technology that guides the Matternet M2 Drone to precision landing on the Station’s platform. After landing, the Station locks the drone in place and automatically swaps its battery and payload. A user is able to send a package to another location by simply scanning it into the Matternet Station, or receive a package from the Station by scanning a QR code. Each Station comes with its own automated aerial deconfliction system that manages drone traffic over the Station.”

While some logistics and delivery firms are developing systems in-house smaller firms will be seeking to buy in OEM equipment such as Matternet. This will save money in development costs and should allow companies to compete with the likes of Amazon as soon as the regulatory and technological hurdles have been overcome.

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