McDonald’s doing UK McDeliveries?

Burgers could go ahead to head with pizzas on people’s slovenly night in, as McDonald’s has indicated that it is to offer meal deliveries to customers across the UK.

In a statement McDonald’s said of the new plans: “At the recent Investor Meeting, McDonald’s shared its commitment to tap into the unmet demand for delivery and take convenience for our customers to the next level.

“Our customers have told us they want the added convenience of a delivery to make enjoying their favourite McDonald’s meal even easier, and because of our extraordinary footprint, we are uniquely positioned to become the global leader in delivery.

“In fact, we already have delivery available in many countries around the world and are testing in a number of global markets with various third party companies.

“Here in the UK, we are learning from these tests and are excited about the opportunities to provide even more convenience and accessibility for our customers.”

McDonald’s has been offering a delivery service in China for many years, and also offers deliveries in other markets including South Korea and Singapore.

While for campaign groups intent on tackling Britain’s bulging waistlines this is a nightmare incarnate, it seems that virtually every other type of food is available so why not cheap and cheerful beef protein and fries? McDonald’s has made a success of its drive through fast food approach, so it is to be expected that the same will be the case with ‘McDeliveries’…

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