Menzies Distribution growing zero-emission fleet

With new electric vans working out of Oban, Menzies Distribution has expanded its zero-emissions delivery fleet to more than 120 vehicles. This is the biggest zero-emission delivery fleet in the UK.

Much of the delivery fleet is from its acquisition of the Gnewt zero emissions delivery company that works into London. The Oban electric vans are the first in Menzies Distribution’s Scottish delivery network.

The Nissan ENV-200 vans with a Voltia conversion are to operate across western Scotland and have a real-world range of around 120 miles. Menzies plan to use renewable energy to tackle the vans’ emissions further.

Gnewt has lately made its then millionth zero-emission parcel delivery, saving an estimated 2.3 million kgs of CO2 emissions. Owners Menzies has introduced a new national EV strategy and now begins replacing the next phase of replacing diesel vans with EVs.

Adam Smith, Group Commercial Director at Menzies Distribution stated: “We are delighted to introduce our first electric vehicles into our Scottish delivery fleet. We currently have more than 120 electric vehicles delivering parcels, with a particular concentration in London, and we are looking to take the lessons we have learned from running one of the largest all-electric fleets in the UK and roll out across the country.

“Through Gnewt by Menzies Distribution, our electric vans have already delivered more than 10 million parcels emission free and we look to significantly increase that volume in 2020 as part of our green fleet strategy to introduce electric vans, powered by renewable energy to our UK depots.”


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