Menzies DX deal back on track

After Friday afternoon’s announcement that the City of London Police have dropped their investigation into DX Exchange, the Board of John Menzies have confirmed that the company is still looking to acquire DX Group.

In a statement issued on Friday, John Menzies said: “The Board of John Menzies continues to believe that the combination of DX and John Menzies’ Distribution division has strong strategic logic for all stakeholders and that the Transaction represents an opportunity to deliver significant value.

“Discussions between John Menzies and DX are ongoing and a further announcement will be made as and when appropriate.”

Nothing is written in stone yet, with the statement from John Menzies giving the caveat that “there can be no certainty that a transaction will occur”. In short, where the police investigation could have curtailed the tie up altogether, things are as they were before, and nothing is certain in business until the ink is dry on the contract.  
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