Metapack launches delivery tracker tool

E-commerce delivery tech company Metapack has launched a new delivery tracker for customers.

The Metapack Delivery Tracker is a tracking portal that can be integrated into any of Metapack’s clients’ shopping environment and allows the clients’ customers to monitor the delivery status of their parcels for more than 470 carriers worldwide, in 17 languages.

The delivery tracker also has the ability to show personalised promotional offers and messages to encourage more purchases even as the customer tracks their package.

“For many online retailers, customer communication ends at the order confirmation email and we believe that’s a missed opportunity. At Metapack, our goal is to create a seamless branded experience from checkout to tracking to delivery to returns. Delivery Tracker goes a long way to delivering on that promise,” said Duncan Licence, VP of global product at Metapack.

“With Delivery Tracker, we’ve enhanced the tracking experience to give consumers more visibility, simpler status messages and a more positive delivery experience overall.”