Metapack – Millennials opt for more delivery choices

A report released by Metapack suggests that 78% of European Millennial consumers have chosen one retailer over another because the one they chose had more delivery options.

The report, Delivering Consumer Choice: 2015 State of eCommerce Delivery, also found that 69% would be happy to pay more for a better or more convenient delivery option. 3000 adult shoppers in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands were surveyed for the report. ‘Millennials’ are a group aged between 18-26.

The research also found that Millennials not only demand more but are quicker to complain or leave negative feedback if they experience poor service.

According to Metapack: “50% of this group, higher than any other, has broadcast a negative delivery experience on social media and they are more likely never to shop with that retailer again. They also use social media to search for peer reviews about which retailers to avoid, and 61% reported that a bad review about delivery on social media would influence their decision whether or not to shop with a retailer.”

What does this group want then?

“When it comes to what delivery options they frequently use,” said Metapack, “85% of Millennials said they chose delivery to their door, 33% opted to collect purchases in store and 29% from a local shop or pick up point. What they don’t want is to be kept waiting – 44% of this age group said that they’d failed to complete an online order because delivery would take too long.”

Same day deliveries are important to this group, with 60% saying that they were willing to pay extra for this, even if they earn less than their older counterpart. “They are also more likely to pay more for goods because the delivery options are better and more convenient,” said Metapack.

Commenting on the findings, Kees de Vos, Chief Product Officer at MetaPack said: “This age group is less tolerant than previous generations.

“If retailers want to secure the loyalty of Millennials, they need to start now and ensure a first-class quality of service and a wide range of options are available online. Being digital natives they are accustomed to speed and responsiveness and this translates into their shopping and browsing habits as much as any other part of their lives.”