M&H Carriers supports local small businesses

Scotland based delivery company M&H Carriers has promised to support local small and medium businesses while they deal with some of the toughest trading conditions they have ever faced.

With depots in four key locations across Scotland, M&H Carriers is to continue to offer affordable delivery services to its business clients, recognising that this is a time when effective distribution routes will be key to keeping them afloat, even while closely observing COVID-19 safety.

Managing director Fraser MacLean says, “There is great uncertainty for businesses across the country, but it is incredible to see the resilience and perseverance of small business owners as they adapt to new ways of working.

“At times like this – when there are so many unanswered questions about pandemic restrictions and Brexit trading conditions – it is more important than ever for businesses to support each other, to ensure we can all pull through together.

“Our staff have been fully trained to ensure deliveries are carried out safely in compliance with all Covid regulations, and we have been working throughout the pandemic to carry freight and deliveries for businesses of all sizes to ensure trading continues. Our 2-Man delivery service has also ensured large items that are essential to a good quality of life in lockdown – including washing machines, fridges and freezers – are still able to reach the customers who need them.

“We recognise that many small businesses are venturing into new territory with online orders and offering deliveries when they have previously only operated bricks-and-mortar premises. The thought of suddenly having to service these orders can be daunting, but as specialists in providing delivery services for over 30 years, we are equipped to provide the support and guidance these companies need.

“With consumers turning to online shopping more than ever, they expect the same quality of service from local businesses as they do from large multinationals. Effective supply chain is vital to these businesses’ survival – connecting suppliers, retailers and customers in an efficient and timely manner.

“By ensuring that every step of the delivery process is smooth and painless, business owners will have the peace of mind that their orders will get to where they need to be.”