Michael Gove’s new Clean Air Strategy

UK Secretary of State for the Environment Michael Gove has launched the government’s new Clean Air Strategy today in the face of complaints that it doesn’t go far enough to tackle road transport pollution.

The proposals are in addition to the £3.5bn plan by the government to reduce air pollution from road transport that it set out last year.

The DEFRA statement added: “It is estimated that the action set out today will reduce the costs of air pollution to society by an estimated £1bn every year by 2020, rising to £2.5bn every year from 2030.”

In the proposals are plans to introduce new primary legislation that gives local government new powers to improve air quality. This is seen as passing the buck in some quarters.

DEFRA also announced that it will be publishing a research report today. According to DEFRA: “The report showed a lack of awareness of the wide range of sources of air pollution with most naming transport as the main cause. But transport emissions are only one part of the problem. From farming to cleaning solvents there are a large range of other day to day practices, processes and products that produce harmful emissions.”

Gove commented: “Government cannot act alone in tackling air pollution. Our strategy sets out how we will work with businesses, farmers, industry and households to develop innovative new solutions to reduce emissions. It also highlights how we can all take action and playing an important role in cleaning up our air.”