Mintsoft ranks worst cities affected by delivery delays in UK

New research from UK delivery software providers Mintsoft has released research showing that complaints about delivery companies are on the rise, even as parcel volumes settle back after the pandemic.

The research looked at thousands of monthly Google searches in the UK relating to missing or delayed delivery. From this, Mintsoft was able to rank the towns and cities most badly affected by poor delivery. The company says there are on average 63,660 such searches per month, and this shows that the delivery industry could seriously improve on its act.

The searches analysed were 20 of the commonest Google searches from UK customers searching for help on their delayed, missing or damaged parcels. These searches were then analysed by location to identify the towns and cities most affected.

Among the cities worst affected were (in rank order), Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Manchester. Edinburgh, Nottingham, Derby and Bristol were the next.

Commenting on the findings, Jordan Westley, ecommerce and order management system (OMS) expert at Mintsoft said: “This research has been conducted to highlight the ecommerce businesses which may need to look deeper into their current operations in order to ensure that customers are kept happy and satisfied. With the competition of the ecommerce sector continuing to grow, it’s so crucial that you shine a spotlight on your order management and logistics software to keep your customers happy with a timely and efficient delivery. 

“Investing in an order management system with pre-built courier and multi-carrier API integration capabilities will allow you to simplify and speed up delivery times and the overall shipping process. Although it might take up more time to research and identify the best couriers to work with and set up relevant integrations, you’ll thank yourself in the long term by ensuring that items turn up on time, in condition, and with a delivery price that your business (and customers) can afford. 

“With rising fuel costs and a nationwide cost of living hike, offering a competitive delivery pricing will allow retailers to stand out from the competition – as will the ability to meet customer demands of choice, flexibility and speed.” 

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